Car Charm Diffuser
Car Charm Diffuser

Car Charm Diffuser

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Square hanging bottle decorative ornament pendant, durable wooden cap, beautiful but breathable to release fragrance.

Size: 8 ml fragrance 


Paradise: Perfectly blended fragrance of strawberry and guava topped with passionfruit and mango with notes of vanilla and sugar.  [BEST SELLER]

Serenity: Invigorating fragrance blend of eucalyptus & spearmint with a hint of sweet melon. Spa like fragrance.

Tobacco Caramel: Hint of orange with a tobacco leaf fragrance, blended with a base of sweet caramel. 


Twist and remove  wooden bottle lid. Carefully remove clear stopper from top of bottle. Tip bottle upside down for 1-2 seconds allowing fragrance to absorb in lid. Do  not over saturate with fragrance. Replace stopper. Screw lid back on tight. To refresh fragrance, repeat steps.