Positive Affirmations for Girls of Color

Raising confident and emotionally strong African American girls in this age of social media is HARD and that’s putting it mildly. How do we as a society teach our young women that EACH of them possess beauty and intelligence? How do we show them that there is beauty in the individuality of our skin tones, texture of hair and body shape and size?

Just as we put time and practice into ‘teaching’ them the educational basics – we have to put in time teaching them self – love, awareness and the uniqueness of their beauty and talents.

Black Girl Magic, Black Girls Rock and Phenomenal Woman have become common themes used to promote the excellence of African American woman and young Black girls.  Sherri Chance, owner of Tommie Lee’s Creations designs items that praise, motivate and provide positive reinforcements to young girls and women of color. The Pretty Brown Girl hand held vanity mirror is one of those pieces.

The Pretty Brown Girl vanity mirror allows a young woman to look in the mirror each time she uses it and see “pretty brown girl” etched at the bottom of the mirror. This visual is a positive reinforcement to instilling and maintaining self – worth and love.